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Online Promotion

42% of internet users will search for a product or service through a search engine overture). If you do this correctly it can have a dramatic effect on through traffic to your website, sometimes doubling traffic and if you can achieve top ranking the there is a significantly high chance the person will click through to your website.

To help you achive this

we can analyse your current position within the most popular engines; provide a solution that will give you the highest increase in through traffic; and over time analyse the success of our strategy and because we are so successful at this, if you can demonstrate to us there is no significant increase we won't charge you a penny.

Targeted Email

An targeted email is the second most popular method of promoting a website, 24% of consumers will reach a website from an targeted email system. By tying your offline marketing with subscription based email and distributing this on a regular basis you will increase the profile of your company and awareness of your brand.

If you want to make sure your material reaches the right people we provide a number of solutions to help you with this, we can also integrate data from your website to promote your brand.

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